A Cosmic Gift ~ Dreams of the Sea (12" Vinyl Record) is here!!!

dreams of the sea


All Guitar 12" Vinyl Record ~ February 4, 2016



Full Length Vinyl "Sonata De Grillo" (sold out)






I worked side by side with my brother Russell editing the music to fit this video and I love the way it turned out. The second tune Something like the sunset is a track by "A Cosmic Gift" featuring live cello by Nicole Calhoun and Violin Alejandra Contreras. We will be releasing it on vinyl very soon.

"Music from "Sunland" New Balance Skate video




Hand-cut Bloomypetal 7" Vinyl Record / Only 60 made / 30 clear - 30 black / All Hand numbered -April 2nd 2015 (sold out)




I have been cutting my own vinyl records, Check out my website Soundetcher for more info



New Bloomypetal Music video staring a mad scientist searching for an elixir to turn back time

We made bombs with black powder, I burnt the skin off my thumb, we soaked in hot springs in the desert and we made a music video. Directed by Russell Houghten, music by Richard Houghten, starring a mysterious mad scientist we met out in the field with a lot of chemicals. Wierd




Hand-cut 7" Vinyl Records - only 20 made (1/23/2014) (Sold Out) Thank You Everyone, more next month!




Take a trip into the sky "Saving a Life" music video




Music and Albums by Richard Houghten

 Open Horizon - EP - Richard Houghten Open Horizon - EP - Richard Houghten



Music and Albums by A Cosmic Gift

My buddy Brandon Burger and I have been cranking out tunes together over the last 2 years.

Music and Albums by Bloomypetal