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Richard Houghten - Sailing Through Rainbows of Sound

Limited Edition Vinyl LPs / SlyVinyl Exclusive!

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It's Holographic!

A Cosmic Gift ~ Hologram  (12" Vinyl Record)

a cosmic gift hologram



Made 2 tracks for this great skate video. Feeling lucky to be a part of it.

"Sample Hat"


"Aound the Bend"



Made the credits for this one "Data Roaming"



I love Aphex Twin's work, I made a cover of his track "Vordhosbn"

from his album Drukqs.


Released an older album on vinyl! "Music by Richard Houghten"

I had a lot of fun painting the covers while riding by on a skateboard.



Working with James Messina on this sweet New Balance Skate Video was really fun. I made the opening music.



A Cosmic Gift - Kombu Tuxedo



All Guitar 12" Vinyl Record ~ February 4, 2016 (sold out)


Open Horizon 7" Record  ~  January 7, 2016 (sold out)

snowflake record


Full Length Vinyl "Sonata De Grillo" (sold out)



"Music for "Sunland" New Balance Skate video

I worked side by side with my brother Russell editing the music to fit this video and I love the way it turned out. The second tune Something like the sunset is a track by "A Cosmic Gift" featuring live cello by Nicole Calhoun and Violin Alejandra Contreras.


Hand-cut Bloomypetal 7" Vinyl Record / Only 60 made / 30 clear - 30 black / All Hand numbered -April 2nd 2015 (sold out)



New Bloomypetal Music video staring a mad scientist searching for an elixir to turn back time

We made bombs with black powder, I burnt the skin off my thumb, we soaked in hot springs in the desert and we made a music video. Directed by Russell Houghten, music by Richard Houghten, starring a mysterious mad scientist we met out in the field with a lot of chemicals. Wierd


Hand-cut 7" Vinyl Records - only 20 made (1/23/2014) (Sold Out) Thank You Everyone, more next month!


Take a trip into the sky "Saving a Life" music video